Top Things Realtors Do to Sell a Home

Christine Ellis
November 25, 2022

When you're ready to place your home on the market, hiring an experienced local realtor is beneficial instead of listing it yourself. There are things realtors do to sell a home that not only generates more interest from buyers but also help homeowners get top dollar for their property.

For example, suppose you've just sold your home and are considering moving somewhere in the San Gabriel Valley. In this situation, your realtor might mention all the fun outdoor activities near Azusa, CA, which you are your family will enjoy when you move to the area. Realtors know how to create more value in the homes they sell, and here are great examples of what they do!

Realtors Set the Best Selling Price

House prices

It's common for sale-by-owner (FSBO) homes to have a listing price that is either too high or too low for current market conditions. This problem will alienate potential home buyers who want to avoid overpaying or hurting the seller when they lose money on the sale.

Realtors scour the latest sales and current listings of comparable homes to yours and set a price that will drive traffic to your doorstep. When the price is right, more home shoppers will view and want your property, which often leads to a bidding war that may exceed the listing price and net you more cash.

Realtors Widely Advertise Your Home

Open House Signs

Realtors have access to multiple real estate listing websites, including the exclusive MLS, which an FSBO can only utilize by paying a fee to a discount broker. In addition, they have a network of peers in other agencies to help market your home to the broadest audience. Finally, a skilled realtor will take professional photos and videos of your property for the company listing and post them on social media to garner more interest.

Realtors know the importance of capturing buyers' attention as they search for homes for sale online. So agents use the latest technology to offer virtual house and neighborhood tours and detail school ratings, nearby shops and restaurants, and commute times that buyers want to know before ever calling to set up an in-person showing.

Lastly, realtors put up professional signs, so anyone passing the property will know it's up for sale. They also host open houses for fellow real estate agents and buyers to showcase your unique property and create more buzz.

Realtors Handle All the Work

Selling a home takes a lot of experience, time, and organization. Expert realtors can efficiently:

  1. Field buyer calls
  2. Answer seller and buyer questions
  3. Set up and walk buyers through showings at times convenient for you to vacate the house
  4. Point out the things that add value to your home
  5. Vet "lookers" to ensure only serious buyers are touring your property

Time is money. What you save by not having to spend hours daily dealing with potential home buyers makes the commission you pay to a realtor well worth it. In addition, studies show that homes sell up to twenty days faster when listed with a realtor vs. FSBO, which is another reason to contract with a professional agent.

Realtors Provide Tips and Staging to Increase Appeal

Styled Bedroom

It's easy for homeowners to overlook small details that can turn off potential buyers, such as peeling paint, bland landscaping, poor lighting, or interiors full of too much clutter.

Before listing your home, a realtor can point out the things you can quickly and affordably fix that can add thousands of dollars to the selling price. It may be repainting a room to a more neutral color, switching to brighter lightbulbs, or adding window boxes full of flowers to the front windows.

Other things realtors do to sell a home include staging your furniture (or bringing in items if the house is already vacant) and creating a theme or color scheme, making the interior more modern and spacious. The goal is to make potential buyers feel the house is move-in ready and rooms have excellent function and flow, so they put in an offer!

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