Small Living Room Decorating Ideas

Christine Ellis
December 23, 2022

When you have a cozy home, finding a decorating concept you like that fits small rooms can take time and effort. Problems like finding furniture that isn't overwhelming and choosing a color scheme that visually expands the space are keys to success.

Professional decorators know all the tricks to make undersized rooms feel welcoming and comfortable, as well as how to make the room as functional as possible. Using some of their expert tips and understanding why they work will help you create a room you love. Here are the best small living room decorating ideas that can transform any space to make your home more attractive and inviting!

Choose Dual-Purpose Furniture

Table and chair furniture

Multifunctional furniture designs are worth the investment because they will keep your small living room from feeling cramped but keep it highly functional.

Consider a slim bookshelf with doors at the bottom to display your favorite decor pieces yet hide magazines, gaming consoles, or toys. A storage ottoman can hold extra throw blankets, work as a table, provide additional seating, and be a footstool.

There are coffee table designs that lift for eating a meal while sitting on the couch, and there are end tables that house a hidden litter box for your cat.

BONUS TIP: Choose furniture with round or curved lines that prevent people from bumping into sharp corners when navigating the space. Rounded edges are easy on the eye and bring a sense of calmness to a small living room.

Choose Furniture with Legs

Lifting furniture off the floor creates more airspace, instantly making a small living room appear larger. Choosing slim metal or wood legs will give the room a modern style.

If furniture sits directly on the floor, purchase leg sets online or from home improvement centers. Even short legs can significantly impact how airy a room feels.

Create a Focal Point

Living room with a Fireplace

When one wall in your small living room catches the eye, it draws interest that distracts people from noticing the small square footage of the space. Professional decorators love to build a focal point by hanging a large piece of artwork or making a gallery wall above a sofa with a group of smaller picture frames.

Other ideas include building a fake fireplace mantle or having an entire library wall with a collection of curated books and decor. Another option is to buy or DIY a "picture frame" TV and use an app to display a photo of artwork or a beautiful landscape when you aren't watching a program.

Select a Neutral Color Palette with Pops of Color

Lighter shades for the walls, floors, sofas, and chairs will blend with the eye and trick the brain into thinking the space is more extensive. Pattern and texture help a neutral color palette remain interesting. For example, choose a sofa and chair upholstery in a light beige, but switch the cushions and throw pillows to a tone-on-tone pattern or fun texture in a similar color.

Use intense colors to draw your eye to the more exciting room areas, such as placing rich teal vases on the mantle or sideboard or having a vibrant green plant high on a bookshelf to pull the eye upward.

Visually Expand the Space with Mirrors

Round mirror in the living room

Adding a large mirror in a small living room creates the illusion of more space. You can hang a mirror, lean it against the wall, or even cover an entire wall in mirror panels to reflect light and brighten a dark space.

Please be careful when placing mirrors to avoid glare from light fixtures or windows that can interfere with watching television, reading a book, or chatting with guests when seated.

Small Space, Big Impact

If you're moving, check out these 7 home maintenance tips for new homeowners to help keep your next home in top condition. Then follow up by using the professionals' small living room decorating ideas to achieve a welcoming and functional living room!

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