7 Home Maintenance Tips for New Homeowners

Steve Thompson
June 10, 2022

Every home buyer should be aware of the various maintenance issues that may occur during the time they own the property. Staying on top of maintenance is the most important way to extend your home's longevity, lower energy bills, and keep repair costs to a minimum. Here are essential home maintenance tips for new homeowners.

1. Inspect Home Appliances Periodically

Man checking on the water heater

One of the most important home maintenance tips for new homeowners is to make sure all home appliances work properly and efficiently. Your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system affects energy bills and can run up expensive repair costs if you don't use and maintain it properly. It's imperative to clean or replace air filters periodically so that the system doesn't get clogged, which can spread unhealthy indoor air pollution and reduce energy efficiency.

2. Look for Moisture Buildup

Moisture Buildup

Allowing leaks or moisture to develop can lead to water damage and high energy bills while causing your HVAC system to work harder. Don't overlook that your crawl space and other hidden areas can become moist. Be aware of where your water shut-off valve is so you can prevent or reduce water loss. Another solution to preventing air and water leaks is to apply weather stripping around doors and windows. Touching up paint on moist areas of the exterior will improve your home's aesthetic appearance.

3. Seal Leaks as Your Discover Them

Air or water leaks can develop throughout the home. The remedy for temperature-sensitive areas is a sealant, which is a low-cost solution found at hardware stores. It has strong resistance to water and UV rays. Apply sealant on cracks where air or water can enter the home. You can also use sealant outdoors to protect your deck and driveway.

It's crucial to check your doors and windows from time to time for leaks, which can be fixed affordably with caulk. Although sealant and caulk can be used interchangeably with a caulking gun, remember that sealant has superior elasticity to protect against weather-related leaks while the caulk is more rigid and paintable, so it works better for sealing the indoor tile.

4. Take Steps to Reduce Fire Hazards

It's critical to regularly remove lint from your dryer vent to prevent a fire. Old or worn electrical wiring is also a major fire risk since it allows sparks to jump. Another important way to reduce fire risk is to check your smoke detectors periodically to make sure they work properly. Be aware of where your utility shut-offs are, such as your electric circuit breaker and gas valve.

5. Clean Gutters and Appliances Regularly

Cleaning the gutters

A cluttered gutter can lead to a water buildup that causes damage to your roof. You can optimize water drainage by extending the downspouts from the gutters. It's also wise to periodically clean home appliances such as your refrigerator, washer, and dryer. Make sure your refrigerator coils are clean to protect the appliance's longevity since dirt buildup causes it to work harder.

6. Invest in Sustainable Solutions

Sustainability is the key to maintaining home safety, durability, and energy efficiency. Investing in a programmable thermostat and effective insulation will help lower your energy bills. Insulating your pipes is another helpful investment in sustainability since it will protect them from extreme weather, which can cause leaks or bursts.

7. Hire Pros for Annual Inspections

Someone should inspect your roof, attic, and crawl space regularly for moisture. It's best that it's handled by professionals. You should also flush your water heater once in a while, which a trained plumber can do safely and properly. Hiring pros for annual inspection applies to your HVAC system as well as outdoor decking.


Buying a new home comes with responsibilities to make sure your home and its appliances are safe and work properly. Learn more about home maintenance tips for new homeowners when selling your home in Azusa CA.

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