How to Decorate a Guest Bedroom

Steve Thompson
June 24, 2022

If you’re moving to a new place here are some tips and tricks to make moving easier. Once in your new home, you can start decorating your new guest room and other living spaces. Here are a few ideas on how to decorate a guest bedroom.

Design a Comfortable Guest Room

Comfortable bedroom with plants

Understanding how to decorate a guest bedroom begins with making the guest feel welcome, as the room should have an inviting aura. It should be appealing to all the senses, making the guest feel at home. Comfort and convenience are two essential factors to create the feel of a resort getaway. Find a medium-firm mattress that is so comfortable, it would be appreciated by any guest. Part of ensuring comfort involves providing lighting that allows the guest to read. The lighting should also highlight the focal points of the room.

Make the Guest Room Relaxing

Getting a good night's sleep should be treated as a lifestyle priority, which is something luxurious lodging resorts understand. The bed should be so comfortable that it makes relaxation easy. When people sleep comfortably, they often have more energy when they wake up. In that sense, a relaxing guest room full of cushions has the power to set a person's mood for the day.

Give Your Guest Room a Theme

The room design will stand out as interesting if you base it around a theme such as the seasons, nature, outer space, geography, or nostalgic time periods. You can update or adjust the theme for each holiday, which makes the experience more memorable. There are endless themes to consider, as you can customize a personal theme for each guest.

Include Clutter-free Open Space

Open space is often overlooked by homeowners designing a guest room. Your guest will be more comfortable if they don't have to deal with clutter. While it's possible to use the guest room for storage, such as under the bed or in the closet, everything should be stored in such a way that it's not blocking any walkways.

Use Creative Furniture and Decor

Bamboo furniture and plants

As you are designing your guest room, think like an artist, and don't be afraid to try something unique. Integrate symmetry into the room, which impacts the mind, creating a sense of balanced awareness. Think of elements from a bohemian-style bedroom to nurture creative energy and adventurous aesthetics. Interesting rugs add subtle ambiance to the room, along with a couch and a glass table.

Borrow Classic Guest Room Elements

A guest room doesn't have to be set in a certain time period, as it can include a mix of classic and modern elements. An example of a classic room element is to use mainly black and white for wall decor and then mix in subtle colors. Minimalism and modernism are stylish trends that last forever. Simple or detailed colorful patterns have a timeless appeal, along with room plants and white curtains.

Provide Guest Supplies

Bathroom supplies

You will impress your guest if you provide items found at a hotel, such as toothpaste, soap, and towels. Adding fresh flowers to the room makes the atmosphere even more special. It's helpful to provide a plug point for chargers and hairdryers without the guest searching for it. A table with a chair near an electrical outlet allows them to plug in their laptop or tablet so they can check email or catch up on business while away.


Small details go far when it comes to interior design. The possibilities are endless for room design ideas once you get inspired by shapes, colors, and other imagery. An ideal guest room combines the elements of an artistic bedroom and a modern home theater.

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