6 Dog-Friendly Restaurants Near Azusa

Deirdre Alexander
March 11, 2022

If you're looking to purchase a new home, one of your priorities is making sure your family will be happy where you land. And, if you have any canine "fur babies," you want to pick an area where they'll be happy as well. Azusa California is a wonderful area to consider moving to. If you're looking for the best dog-friendly restaurants near Azusa where your doggo can join you for a nice meal, continue reading. This list of restaurants can also be helpful if you're selling your home in West Covina, Covina, or Azusa; share these restaurants with potential buyers to help them see what a great place this is to live!

Congregation Ale House - Azusa, CA

Patio at Congregation Ale House

Congregation Ale House in Azusa is another dog-friendly restaurant. Dogs are welcome on their patio and can sit with you while you enjoy the delicious selection from the menu. Some of the various entrées include salads, burgers, fried chicken sandwiches, pizzas, and more.

In-N-Out Burger - Azusa, CA

You probably already know that In-N-Out Burger offers delicious hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and shakes, but did you also know that they are a pet-friendly chain. In fact, some visitors have even shared that In-N-Out Burger has a secret pet-friendly menu!

Jamba Juice - Azusa, CA

Jamba juice drinks

If you're craving a cool and refreshing smoothie, and want to bring your pup along with you, head over to Jamba Juice. Leashed dogs are allowed on their outdoor patio. In addition to their famous smoothies, Jamba Juice also offers fruit and juice shots, cold brew coffees, fruit, yogurt, granola bowls, wraps and sandwiches, and more.

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar - West Covina, CA

One of the top dog-friendly restaurants near Azusa is the Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar. Not only does the restaurant's interior have a fun dog theme, but they also offer a special menu specifically for pups. Your dog will receive a nice cold bowl of water when you come in, and you can choose to order them something special, like a grilled chicken breast or plain grilled hamburger patty with brown rice.

Pane E Vino

Pane E Vino Patio

Head over to Pane E Vino with your dog to enjoy a relaxing outdoor meal or happy hour. As you can probably guess from the name of the restaurant, Pane E Vino offers an extensive dinner and drink menu that is certain to have something for everyone to enjoy.

Lucky Baldwin's Pub

Lucky Baldwin's outdoor patio is a dog-friendly spot where you and your canine friend can sit and relax together. Many visitors have even shared that the servers also bring a cold bowl of water for the dogs, in addition to bringing glasses of water for the human guests at the table. Lucky Baldwin's is a British pub that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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