Explore Rubel Castle Near Azusa, CA

Stacey Martin
September 23, 2022

Are you looking for a fun and different day trip near Azusa? Check out Rubel Castle near Azusa CA. This unique destination is a must-see for anyone interested in folk architecture. Here's what you need to know about this quirky California landmark.

Rubel Castle History & Highlights

Rubel Castle clock tower

It was an unexpected sight in a quiet suburban neighborhood near Route 66, Rubel Castle. This fascinating structure was built over the course of several decades by one man, Michael Rubel.

In 1968, at only 18 years old, Rubel purchased the property to build his own castle. The property contained an existing irrigation reservoir, which Rubel repurposed as the castle's foundation. He then began construction on the castle walls using rocks from a nearby stream, recycled granite slabs, and other materials he found around the property, including bike pieces, bottles, and appliances. These items invoke a sense of humor and whimsy and are part of what makes Rubel Castle truly unique.

With the help of community members who delighted in his eccentricity and charm, Rubel continued to build and add to the castle over the years, working on it until 1986. The castle spans 22,000 square feet, with towers reaching 74 feet.

Today, the Rubel Castle near Azusa, CA, is owned and operated by the Glendora Historical Society. People from all over come to see this one-of-a-kind destination, with noteworthy visitors including Dwight Eisenhower, Alfred Hitchcock, Bob Hope, and Sally Rand.

Unique Interior room with lamp and sofa

As you wind your way through the castle and soak in the many unexpected details, you'll feel like you've stepped into another world. Featuring two tunnels, a clock tower with a working antique bell, an old caboose, countless staircases, and a dragon that guards the entrance, there's something new at every turn. The property even has chickens and several human residents who rent out residential space in the castle.

Planning Your Visit to Rubel Castle

Tours of Rubel Castle are available by appointment only. If you're visiting alone or with a small group, the following options are available:

  1. Every first Sunday at 10 AM
  2. Every second Sunday at 10 AM
  3. Every second Tuesday at 10 AM
  4. Every second Thursday at 10 AM
  5. Every third Wednesday at 10 AM
  6. Every third Friday at 5 PM
  7. Every third Saturday at 10 AM
  8. Every fourth Saturday at 10 AM

Groups of 12 or more people are also available. To reserve a group tour, you must request a date at least 3 weeks in advance. All tour reservations should be made by phone to the Glendora Historical Society at (626) 963-0419.

Before you reserve your tour, there are a few things to remember. Children under eight years old are not permitted on tours, so this visit is best suited for older kids and adults. Also, the property is not ADA accessible due to the stairs, tunnels, and uneven surfaces throughout the castle; therefore, no tour participation is allowed via wheelchairs, walkers, or cart assistance.

If you're considering touring the property, make sure you can comfortably and safely walk and stand for at least 90 minutes. You'll also need to wear sturdy shoes, as the property includes many uneven surfaces and staircases.


Water tank

With its cool history and whimsical details, Rubel Castle is an intriguing destination that's a must-see for those who can appreciate its charm.

If you're selling your home in Azusa, CA, to move on to your next adventure, this is a great spot to visit before you go. And if you're staying in town, it's the perfect day trip destination to explore something new near you. No matter what, a visit to Rubel Castle will surely be a memorable experience.

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