7 Walk-in Closet Lighting Ideas

Carla Docdocil
February 24, 2023

Are you tired of using a flashlight to find the right outfit in your walk-in closet? It's time to upgrade and add strategic lighting solutions so you can easily pick the perfect look every time. Whether you need bright task lighting for folding laundry or soft ambient light when admiring your latest acquisition, there are plenty of creative ways to light up your closet while making an eye-catching statement. Keep reading to discover some walk-in closet lighting ideas that fit your style for a luxurious walk-in closet experience!

Let In Natural Light

Walk-in closet with a window

Enjoy having a window in your closet by keeping it clutter-free! Ensure that nothing is blocking or obstructing natural light streaming through, as this can drastically diminish its impact. If you wish to install a window treatment, opt for something lightweight and airy; This will keep the atmosphere bright and cheerful!

Try LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights are the perfect solution for closet illumination. Not only is installation a breeze due to their adhesive backing, but you can place them almost anywhere within your wardrobe: from shelves and drawers to the top or bottom of walls - there's no limit! It provides an incredibly customizable approach that suits different styles and tastes.

Spotlight Your Favorite Pieces

Walk-in Closet with spotlights

Extraordinarily showcase your most cherished pieces by giving them the spotlight they deserve! Whether it's an adored handbag or those wedding shoes you can't bear to part with, highlight these items that have sentimental value in your closet.

Motion-Sensor Light Stick

If more than one person has access to the closet space, tastes in lighting will likely differ. Motion sensor light sticks provide a great solution - they are easy to install with no wiring and can be used as spotlights for different areas within the closet. Battery-powered and efficient, these lights ensure everyone is content!

Hang a Glam Chandelier

Elevate your wardrobe by transforming your closet into a room you truly enjoy. One of our top walk-in closet lighting ideas is to add an elegant chandelier to the space, as if it were any other area of your home - this will ideally exhibit and emphasize your unique style. Revel in dressing up, knowing that something special awaits you each time you enter the closet!

Install Track Lighting or Light Bars

The lights in track lighting and light bars are adjustable, meaning you have the power to focus illumination on any area that requires a brighter glow! Forgo rummaging through your closet again for navy instead of black, with directional beams directed at dark trouble spots.

Add Ribbon Lighting Above the Closet Rod

Walk-in closet with LED Light strips

Illuminate your wardrobe and everything inside it with recessed ribbon lighting that runs along the length of your closet's rod. This adds brightness to both ends, often missing in most spaces, and works for any size closet! According to Kerstens, "It provides the best visibility for your wardrobe and even the contents inside drawers." So go ahead – light up those wardrobes and ensure you have a clear view of all their contents!

Light Up Your Closet and Light Up Your Life

Now that you know the basics of closet lighting, it’s time to get creative! These walk-in closet lighting ideas should help spark some inspiration. And who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to tackle another home decorating project. If so, check out our post on decorating a guest bedroom – perfect for when friends and family visit.

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