10 Small Pantry Organization Ideas

Carla Docdocil
February 10, 2023

Are you tired of opening your pantry and feeling overwhelmed by all the food and items crammed there? Looking for a way to make your typical kitchen storage more organized, efficient, and visually pleasing? If so, then look no further! We'll explore some small pantry organization ideas that will help you maximize the space in your home while making it look beautiful and inviting. These easy-to-follow guidelines can transform even the smallest pantries into an efficient storage space without investing much time or money. So let's get you started on organizing your small pantry!

1. Make the Most of Your Existing Storage!

woman looking at a can of food

Before heading out and purchasing a whole bunch of new storage containers and bins, take a look around your home for things that you can repurpose. If you've opted to go digital with magazines or books, you may have some magazine holders left over - perfect as bins to store potatoes and garlic in the pantry!

2. Keep all your Canned Goods Within Reach

Forget about rummaging through the pantry for hours in search of a single can. They can be organized in an efficient and effective way to keep all your go-to canned goods within reach. It works by storing cans horizontally instead of vertically so that when you pull one out, the next rolls forward into view - meaning no more wasted food due to expired or misplaced items! This is one of our top small pantry organization ideas!

3. Install Pull-out Shelves

If you don't have room for a pantry or cupboard, take advantage of those narrow gaps between your kitchen appliances! With just a few inches to work with, you can install pull-out shelving and transform them into a comprehensive storage solution. Pull-outs make finding ingredients much more accessible, too; no more digging through cluttered shelves in frustration!

4. Place a Spice Rack 

Spice Rack

Transform the back of your pantry door into an efficient kitchen storage solution. Place a spice rack over it, fill it with all your cooking necessities, and keep things in order! This clever hack will help you maximize space while providing easy access to everything you need for meal preparation.

5. Smartly Stash Food Containers

Keep your kitchen in tip-top shape with smartly stashed food containers! With an array of sizes, lids, and bottoms can quickly become unorganized. To combat the mess, try grouping similar-sized bins together for easy accessibility - then take it one step further by stacking lids vertically using a plate rack to save space without sacrificing style points.

6. Add Your own Labels

Classic labeling is your go-to when organizing a tight space. Not only do labels make even the smallest of pantries look better, but they also provide improved functionality. If you frequently switch up what's inside your kitchen cupboards, erasable tags or chalk can be great options!

7. Eliminate Bulky Packaging

Keep snacks neat and organized by transferring them from their bulky packaging into clear bins. Fill the containers with healthy, easy-to-grab items such as popcorn, granola bars, and other tasty treats!

8. Use Glass Jars

Glass Jars

If your pantry is full of grains and pasta, glass jars are a great way to keep things organized! Labeling the containers makes it easy for you to find what you need in an instant.

9. Use Fabric Bins

Declutter your pantry with style and keep things organized! Try sprucing up small fabric bins to label each pouch or box - they'll create a neat, stylish look while helping everyone know what's inside. Now you can attractively store the snacks without sacrificing functionality.

10. Transform Your Pantry into a Kid-Friendly Haven!

Consider carefully where you put their favorite snacks if you have young children. Giving them access to juice boxes and fruit snacks in easily accessible drawers or bins gives little ones some autonomy and responsibility. Of course, if your kids snack too much for your comfort level, take the opposite approach by keeping those treats high up out of reach!

These 10 small pantry organization ideas will help you make the most of what you have and create a functional, stylish storage solution. And once your pantry is spick and span, check out our guide on how to stage indoor plants, so your home always looks its best

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