Explore Rubel Castle Near Azusa, CA

September 23, 2022
Rubel Castle Near Azusa, CA - Rubel Castle Exterior
If you're looking for a unique day trip, check out Rubel Castle near Azusa, CA. This unique destination is a must-see for anyone interested in folk architecture.
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Best Patio Furniture Stores in West Covina CA

September 9, 2022
Patio Furniture In West Covina, CA - Patio Sofas
Patio furniture is a fantastic investment in your home and choosing functional, attractive pieces that will stand the test of time is important.
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How to Clean Outdoor Furniture

August 26, 2022
How to Clean Outdoor Furniture - Nice patio with furniture
Cleaning outdoor furniture is a bit different than cleaning indoor furniture. Here are five ways how to clean outdoor furniture based on the type of material.
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10 Home Maintenance Tips for Fall

August 12, 2022
Maintenance Tips - Preparing for Fall - Roof with leaves
As the weather cools down and the leaves change color, it's time to start thinking about home maintenance. Get started with these 10 home maintenance tips for fall.
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7 Indoor Plants That Help Cool Your House

July 22, 2022
Indoor Plants That Cool Your House - Indoor Plants
In the hot summer, it can be tough to stay cool. One of the things you can do to help keep your home cooler is to add indoor plants that cool the house.
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5 Ways to Update Your Garage on a Budget

July 8, 2022
Updating Your Garage on a Budget - Home Car Garage
Making regular improvements to your garage will make it more fun to work in. Here are some creative, inexpensive ways to update your garage on a budget.
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How to Decorate a Guest Bedroom

June 24, 2022
Guest Bedroom Decoration Tips - Beautiful bedroom
Understanding how to decorate a guest bedroom begins with making the guest feel welcome, and it should be appealing to all the senses so they feel at home.
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7 Home Maintenance Tips for New Homeowners

June 10, 2022
Maintenance Tips for New Homeowners - Woman fixing her house
Want to extend your home's longevity, lower energy bills, and keep repair costs to a minimum? Following these 7 home maintenance tips for new homeowners will help.
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Stay Organized: 10 Things to Do Before Moving

May 27, 2022
Organizing Tips - Things to do before moving - Family moving boxes
There are many things to do before moving making it a stressful event. If you want to make it less stressful, here are the top 10 things to do before moving.
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5 Best Pest Control Plants for Your Home

May 13, 2022
Pest Control Plants for Home - Home with Lavender
Gardens add wonderful color and energy to your home, but they can also attract unwanted bugs. Instead of using harmful chemicals, consider these pest control plants.
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How to Stage a Home for a Fast Sale

April 22, 2022
How to Stage a Home - Beautiful staged living room
Learning how to stage a home for fast sale comes down to reviewing a set of steps toward cleaning, decluttering, renovation, and improving aesthetics.
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8 Home Maintenance Tips for Summer

April 8, 2022
Home Maintenance Tips for Summer - Couple fixing their house
So, you’ve decided to sell your home but it needs a little TLC. Here are 8 home maintenance tips for summer to make your house more appealing to prospective buyers.
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4 Fun Outdoor Activities Near Azusa

March 25, 2022
Outdoor Activities Near Azusa - People hiking
Azusa is an excellent destination for people that love the great outdoors. Here are 4 fun outdoor activities near Azusa, CA, that everyone will enjoy.
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6 Dog-Friendly Restaurants Near Azusa

March 11, 2022
Dog-Friendly Restaurants Near Azusa - Husky outside a cafe
If you're looking for the best dog-friendly restaurants near Azusa where you and your doggo can enjoy a nice meal together, here are six great choices.
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Top Home Decluttering Tips and Tricks

February 25, 2022
Decluttering Tips and Tricks - Hands folding a towel
If your home is too cluttered, it can be challenging for buyers to really visualize the home as theirs. Use these decluttering tips to make it more appealing.
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How to Stage Indoor Plants

February 11, 2022
Staging Indoor Plants
When selling your home there are many ways to make it more visually appealing to prospective buyers. Here are some tips on how to stage indoor plants.
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