5 Best Pest Control Plants for Your Home

Matt Claiborne
May 13, 2022

Growing a garden adds wonderful color and energy to your property, but it can also attract unwanted bugs. Instead of using harmful chemicals, consider growing pest control plants, which don't take up much extra space. And, if you’re looking for creative ways to stage indoor plants you can also incorporate some of these inside your home. Here are 5 effective pest control plants to consider.



The most powerful solution for natural pest control is to plant marigolds in your garden. The two most popular species of marigolds in home gardens are African marigolds and French marigolds. While the African marigolds may grow to be 4 feet tall, French marigolds are shorter and usually top out around 12 inches.

Both types have shades of orange and yellow. African marigolds can also be white. French marigolds include red and bicolored plants. Growing these plants requires moist soil and exposure to sunlight. In order to act as pest control, the plants must emit a strong fragrance. Mixing marigolds with tomatoes helps repel bugs, although it might attract spider mites.


Home gardens commonly feature chrysanthemums to repel multiple types of insects including spider mites. They also repel ticks, aphids, and other insects. The plants are small and easy to grow. Grinding up the dried flowers gives you chrysanthemum powder you can sprinkle in places where you want to keep the bugs out. Chrysanthemums tend to display bright colors and make good companion plants for a variety of crops.



Not only is lavender an eye-catching color, but the plant also has medicinal uses. It's an ideal plant for nearly any garden because of the essential oils it produces that is used in antiseptics, cosmetics, and insecticides. It's actually been used as a medicine for centuries. Most essential oils are harmful to insects. Lavender can be material used for making an insecticide that repels flies, moths, and other insects.

Citronella Grass

As a Southeast Asian tropical plant, citronella grass is from the same family as lemongrass. It has the scent of citrus fruit and grows a few meters in height. The plant's grass is used to produce citronella oil. This oil is used as a soap ingredient and as a substance to repel mosquitoes. It's a natural non-toxic solution to keep pests away from your garden.

You can actually extract the oil yourself from the leaves and stems of the plant. You'll need a slow cooker to heat these items for 4-8 hours. The oil can be placed in a bug spray bottle with water and rubbing alcohol and then sprayed in areas to repel insects.



Another way to repel mosquitoes is with petunias, which also scare away aphids and other insects. Petunia flowers span various vibrant colors to add extra natural beauty to your garden. They can be grown either in the ground or in pots if you want to move them around.

Petunias are considered by many gardeners to be a natural pesticide and can be grown alongside a variety of vegetables in sunny or shady locations. The pest control plants have sticky hairs that trap insects and then extract nutrients from them.

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