Stay Organized: 10 Things to Do Before Moving

Steve Thompson
May 27, 2022

There are many things to do before moving into a new home, starting with creating a moving checklist. While the process may seem stressful, your life will be easier if you follow these essential tips.

1. Create a "moving" folder on your computer

One of the first things to do before moving into a new home is to prepare a folder on your computer or smartphone for collecting and storing photos in the cloud. These photos will document your inventory of belongings. Using a free service like Google Drive or Dropbox will make uploading easier.

2. Get various estimates from moving companies

Moving company workers lifting the sofa

Search online for moving companies that serve your area. Make sure they are also licensed to serve your relocation area and carry the proper insurance. Verify their Department of Transportation (DOT) number. Consider a specialty mover if you have fragile or unusual items to move. Get two or three quotes to compare rates and services.

3. Plan a budget for moving costs

Based on what you know from your pricing research of moving companies, set a budget for moving to prevent costs from getting out of control. One way to cut costs is to get free boxes from grocery stores instead of paying for them.

4. Determine which items to keep vs. give away or sell

Go through your belongings to decide what you'll be moving and what you'll be getting rid of through a garage sale. For items that don't sell at your garage sale, list them online for sale or donate them to a charity.

5. Box up items with labels

One of the most important things to do before moving into a new home is to put items in boxes and be sure to label them appropriately to make it easier when unpacking. It's helpful to put multiple small items like books and various collectibles in boxes so they can be transported faster. Use a thick black sharpie to label containers so that descriptions are easy to read from far away. Mark "fragile" on boxes that contain items that can easily break.

6. Create an inventory list of your belongings

Woman making a list of her belongings

Don't just rely on your memory for what you're moving. List the items you've stored in specific boxes so that they are easy to find after relocating. Your inventory list will reduce the chances of items getting lost during the move.

7. Take photos of your valuable items

Before loading valuable items like electronic devices into boxes, take photos of them as proof in case they turn up missing. It will help you identify and report specific missing items. Photos also help with electronic wiring configurations.

8. Measure your furniture

Writing down your furniture and doorway measurements is helpful to movers so that it's easier to move large items through doorways. Before moving large appliances or fixtures, be certain the moving company has experience in moving such items.

9. Keep important documents in one place

Staying organized is one of the most important tips to keep in mind. It's easier to find important documents such as taxes and receipts if you keep them together in one box.

10. Pack one day at a time

Couple sealing a moving box

Packing can be very time-consuming, so you don't want to wait until the day before the move to start the process. Instead, plan on doing a little packing each day for the month leading up to your exit.


Use this list of things to do before moving into a new home as a starting point to create your own moving checklist. Be sure to check out these tips and tricks to make moving easier, and other articles on my blog. Happy reading!

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