Top Home Decluttering Tips and Tricks

Deirdre Alexander
February 25, 2022

Are you getting ready to sell your home? If so, one of the most important things you'll want to do is start decluttering. It will help make it easier to pack your belongings, but it can also help make your home more attractive to a potential buyer. If your home is too cluttered or contains too many personal effects, it can be challenging for a buyer to visualize the home as theirs. Continue reading to learn some of the top decluttering tips and tricks that will help sell a home in Azusa and the surrounding area.

Create a Good First Impression

Man greeting people into his house

The last thing you want is for a potential buyer to be immediately turned off by piles of clutter greeting them at the doorway. Work on paring down what is in your entryway and remove anything that isn't necessary. You may also want to consider making the space more welcoming to visitors by adding a bench where they can sit to remove their shoes or a coat rack to hang their jackets on.

When thinking about making a good first impression, one area that often gets overlooked is the front yard. This will be the first thing visitors see when they walk up to your home, so make sure it is tidy and organized. Put away any toys, yard equipment, or other items that may make the yard look messy,

Keep Hallways Clear

You want to ensure that potential buyers can move freely and easily through the hallway without bumping into anything on the walls or floor. Avoid leaving anything on the floor in the hallway that could get in someone's way and make the space feel even narrower. Unless you have very wide halls, you may want to remove everything from the walls.

Make Sure the Living Room is Neat and Tidy

Vacuuming the living room

Another one of the top decluttering tips and tricks is to work to make your living room one of the main focal points of your home. People spend a lot of time in the living room, and you want to make sure that potential buyers can visualize themselves relaxing and welcoming guests in the space. Be sure to clean up any newspapers, magazines, books, toys, and other items that could distract buyers from seeing themselves living comfortably in the space.

Don't Forget About Closets and Storage Areas

Organized Closet

While it may be tempting to grab everything and toss it in the closet, this isn't a good idea. Potential buyers will want to assess the storage space in the closets, shed, garage, or basement, and seeing them chock-full of stuff isn't going to give off the impression you want. Remove any belongings you no longer need and consider purchasing shelves or other organizational systems to keep everything else looking neat and help the space appear bigger.

Declutter Photos and Other Personal Effects

As we shared above, potential buyers need to be able to visualize themselves living in your home. This can be very difficult to do if you have a lot of family photographs and memorabilia in the space. Pack these items up to keep them safe and create a blank canvas for buyers to visually fill in as they see fit.

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