Reasons to Sell Your Home During the Holidays

Christine Ellis
December 9, 2022

Selling your home during the holidays is surprisingly an intelligent move, so if you're looking to relocate, upgrade, or downsize your current home, now is the time to get it listed for sale. Real estate agents agree that homes on the market from November through January get attention from serious buyers who want to transition into a new house quickly, which is a boon for sellers and can often bring top dollar. If you are considering listing your house, here are five reasons to sell your home during the holidays.

1. Holiday Home Sales Can Be Quick

Closing the selling of a house

Most people think it's best to hold off listing their home until the holidays are over, but putting it on the market during winter has its benefits, namely, buyers with a laser focus to purchase quickly.

Stats show that home sales remain constant through the winter, with most homes selling at or near the asking price, which is good news if you're hesitant to list during the holidays.

2. Competition is Lower

Most homeowners list their property in the spring or summer and assume sales during the holidays will be slow. However, the lack of new home listings during the holiday season means your home has a greater chance to stand out and get sold.

Warmer weather brings a boom of new listings to the MLS, and your home can easily get lost in the crowd, so it can pay off to sell in the winter if it works with your schedule.

3. Many New Jobs Start After New Year

New couple moving in

January is often the beginning of employment for new and transitioning workers across the US. This uptick in jobs means there will be people looking to relocate during the holiday season so that they can start work in January.

Finding housing before starting a new job motivates buyers to move quickly. So, be ready on your end to have an exit strategy that doesn't include waiting on contingencies with another property that could impede a fast closing.

4. Buyers Have More Time

Most people in the US take their vacation time around Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year, which means they have more time to attend open houses and schedule viewings. Serious buyers take advantage of this free time to see as many homes as possible, so having yours available can increase your chances of a sale.

Time off also benefits the home seller by allowing them to deep clean, declutter, and perform upgrades and maintenance, so their home looks fresh and has curb appeal.

5. Holiday Decor and Festive Ambiance Welcome Buyers

Winter home decoration

Selling during winter, especially in northern regions, means you can use holiday decorations and snow to your advantage. Snow can hide less-than-perfect lawns, and white holiday lights make any home appear festive and welcoming.

People are also in a better mood around the holidays, which helps buyers see your home in a better light. Playing soft holiday music in the background and using the tried-and-true trick of baking cookies before a showing will create a subtle yet warm and appealing impact on buyers as they tour your home.

Try to keep seasonal decor tasteful so you don't overwhelm buyers. You want visitors to feel welcome and have your home's best features stand out, not be distracted by the life-size Santa in your entryway.

Holiday Home Sale Options

If you struggle to pay your mortgage and other bills but the top reasons to sell your home during the holidays still have you unsure about listing your home, you may consider a reverse mortgage. Depending on your age and financial situation, it may be worth learning what to know about reverse mortgages.

The holiday season can be an excellent time to start fresh, so give me a call to discuss your selling plans today!

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