4 Fun Outdoor Activities Near Azusa

Matt Claiborne
March 25, 2022

Azusa is an excellent destination for people that love the great outdoors. Azusa has a perfect climate, and residents enjoy hiking, picnicking, and parks year-round.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors Near Azusa

Whether you are visiting or a year-round resident, there are endless ways to enjoy Azusa's great outdoors. Go on a long hike to a historic bridge, enjoy botanical gardens, or take a refreshing swim in a lake.

Bridge to Nowhere

Bridge to Nowhere

The Bridge to Nowhere is a popular spot for photos, hiking, and contemplation. This arch bridge was built in 1936 and crosses the San Gabriel River's East Fork. The bridge was part of East Fork Road and was built to connect the San Gabriel Valley with Wrightwood.

However, the Los Angeles Flood of 1938 washed away the East Fork Road, and the bridge was stranded without any connecting roads.

The bridge is accessible to hikers with a 10-mile round-trip hike. The hike includes several river crossings, but the river is usually dry. However, heavy rainfall can cause flash floods, so hikers should be very cautious and watch weather forecasts.

You should plan to dedicate around six hours to hike to the bridge and back. Hikers should get a wilderness pass and a national forest day use pass before setting off. Hikers can self-register at the ranger station or a permit kiosk.

The hike is challenging due to its length and changing terrain, but hikers are rewarded with outstanding wilderness landscapes. This is one of the most popular outdoor activities near Azusa!

Pioneer Park

Pioneer Park is a great place to get outdoors and enjoy the California sunshine. The park offers picnic shelters, BBQs, a playground, and a walking path. You can even pay a small fee to reserve a shelter in advance.

Pioneer Park features a covered bridge and a small windmill. There are plenty of benches to relax on, and mature trees offer lots of shade. The playground has lots of slides and ladders and is a great place for kids to go wild.

You can walk a mile from Pioneer Park to Rancho Park if you want to get additional steps in.

Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanic Garden


Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanical Garden is best-known for its stunning and fascinating peacocks. Different walking paths will take visitors through the Arboretum's beautiful gardens and landscapes.

The Aquatic Gardens feature scenic ponds with water lilies and offer views of the Meyberg Waterfall. The Celebration Garden features a variety of plants that are well-suited to the California environment. In addition, visitors can enjoy stunning views of the San Gabriel Mountains from the Meadowbrook Garden.

The Arboretum offers visitors a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the gardens and be inspired by nature.

Frank G. Bonelli Regional Park

Frank G. Bonelli Regional Park Lake

Frank G. Bonelli Regional Park features a gorgeous lake. Families can enjoy the lake's beach and cool off with a refreshing swim in the 250-acre lake. There's a boat launch, and visitors can enjoy fishing from their boats or the lake's shore. In addition, there's a concession stand and camping sites.

Visitors can enjoy nature walks, mountain biking trails, or the playground. Enjoy a picnic in the grass, under a tree, or fire up a BBQ and spread out your picnic at one of the many picnic tables. Frank G. Bonelli Regional Park is a great place to hang out and enjoy the outdoors, and it's easy to spend a whole day here.

Experience Azusa

Azusa offers a variety of fun outdoor activities and is a great area to settle down in. We know you'll fall in love with this beautiful area. If you are buying or selling real estate in or around the Azusa area, check out www.brisellsrealestate.com and let Bri McIndoe help you find your perfect home.

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