8 Home Maintenance Tips for Summer

Steve Thompson
April 8, 2022

These home maintenance tips for summer will make your home more appealing to prospective buyers. Taking a proactive approach to home maintenance is always better so you can avoid more expensive problems down the road.

Fix Up Your Home to Sell

The best strategy for selling your home in Azusa CA is to make it as clean and presentable as possible. Fix it up as best you can on an affordable budget. Keep in mind if your home has repair issues, buyers may lower their bids below your expectations. Ideally, all your home appliances and key components are in good working condition.

Home Maintenance Tips for Summer

Here are some of the most essential tips on home maintenance in preparing for summer. These tips can help you save time, money, and effort.

1. Clean Your Gutters and Drains

Removing leaves from gutter system

One of the most important preventative maintenance items on every homeowner's checklist should be cleaning gutters and downspouts. Hiring a professional to inspect your roof and gutters each year is advantageous for numerous reasons. You'll be updated on the condition of your roof and gutters and you can address problems immediately.

It's crucial for water to flow freely through your drainage system. If leaves or other debris clog your gutters, it can lead to water backup. Long-term moisture can degrade your gutter system with mold buildup, leading to expensive repair work or replacement.

2. Inspect the Insulation

If it's been a while since you've had your insulation inspected, it's a good idea to check for worn material. Good insulation is a major key to cutting energy bills throughout the year. You can reduce heating and cooling costs by adding insulation in the attic and basement.

3. Search for Leaks and Cracks

Leak marks on the ceiling

Water should not be able to seep into your home from the outdoor world. If it does, it could mean there's a crack developing. It's important to seal all cracks to prevent them from spreading. Catching them early will spare you from facing serious water damage.

4. Check Your HVAC System

Air should flow freely through your ventilation system. If it doesn't, it probably means you need to clean the air filters. Forgetting to do this periodic chore can lead to dust and debris buildup in the vents, causing indoor air pollution. Make sure your heating and cooling functions work properly.

5. Make Sure Wiring is Safe

Electrical wiring should be free of fire hazards. Old wiring can get worn, causing sparks to fly through the air, which can start a fire. For safety reasons, it's wise to be aware of how old the wiring is, as it may need to be replaced.

6. Thoroughly Wash Your Walkways

One of the best ways to make the exterior look more appealing is to wash your walkways with the hose. The more concrete appears to be white rather than gray, the cleaner it looks. Inspect the walkway to make sure there are no defects that can cause someone to trip.

7. Clean Your Windows

Man cleaning the window

Wipe down your windows thoroughly so that the glass is clear, making it appear new. All you need is a standard window cleaner and a soft cloth. Consider replacing any old window screens that have been damaged or are stuck with debris that's difficult to remove.

8. Add Color to Your Yard

Your landscaping should show you care about green plants and natural beauty. Growing a garden in the front and back yards helps beautify your property. The more color you add to your garden, the more attractive your home will be for you to enjoy, or for a prospective buyer.

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