6 Easy Curb Appeal Landscaping Ideas

Christine Ellis
October 14, 2022

Sprucing up your home's curb appeal can be simple and easy. Whether you're trying to attract buyers for a home sale or just want to improve the look of your property, upgrading or adding landscaping details can make your house stand out from the crowd. The best ways to spruce up your home's curb appeal are often tasks you can achieve in a day for less than $300. To inspire you, check out these six easy curb appeal landscaping ideas that can quickly transform your home's exterior from blah to charming in no time!

1. Group Container Plants

Group of plants

Gather container plants from around your yard or plant new ones in large pots in a complementary color to your home's exterior and place them together at the base of porch stairs or along the sidewalk from the driveway. By bringing several pots together with plants of various heights, colors, and textures, you instantly create a pleasing focal point that will catch the eye of visitors. You can bring the same upgrade to your home's interior if you stage indoor plants to enhance the entryway and main rooms.

2. Plant Ornamental Trees

If your yard looks bare, consider adding one or more ornamental trees with colorful foliage that will produce showy flowers during different seasons. Flowering cherry or pear, Japanese maple, redbud, and birch are fabulous choices that remain on the smaller side but add a dramatic touch to boring swaths of lawn. If the specimen looks sparse after planting, create a border with blocks several feet wider than the tree, fill with mulch, and add a few small potted plants for more impact until the tree's foliage fills out.

3. Add A Decorative Fence or Trellis

Decorative fence

Lining the front of your property with a short picket fence creates a cozy aesthetic that adds curb appeal and creates a bit of a barrier, making your home feel more private. Another option to quickly improve the look of your home is to install a trellis to hide the air conditioner, garbage cans, or other unsightly items. Then, plant a climbing vine at the base of the lattice to make it even more attractive.

4. Install Flowerboxes and Shutters

One of the top easy curb appeal landscaping ideas is to dress out some windows on the front facade of your house with window boxes. Adding quality shutters or changing the color of existing ones can also add a pop of color that increases the charm of your property. You can purchase pre-made window boxes and brackets for fast installation, and with a bag of potting soil, flowers, and trailing plants, you'll have an almost instant upgrade that adds a luxury touch to your home.

5. Replace A Patchy Lawn With Sod

Using Sod

A lawn with brown or bare patches devalues the overall look of your home's landscaping. Take the time to reseed thin or patchy areas or clear them out and lay down sod for instant results. If your lawn has wear and tear from the foot traffic of people or pets, turn that area into a pathway. Filling in the path with gravel or mulch is quick and less expensive than concrete. If the pathway leads nowhere, add a garden table and chair at the end to give it purpose.

6. Clean Driveways, Pathways, and Landscaping Stones

Pressure washing the exterior stone and wood surfaces will instantly improve curb appeal. Removing built-up dirt and grime and clearing away mold or mildew will brighten your landscaping and make it look fresh and new. Also, wash any stones or blocks you use to edge planters and clean vinyl fences, trellis, or siding, which will add a crisp, clean look to your landscaping.

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